Honorary President

Mr C.L. Morris


Vice Presidents

Mr. F. Atrill, Mr. & Mrs. J Bradley, Mr. B. Jupe,

Mr. J. Hammerton, Mr. & Mrs. D. Walter,

Mr. K. Weeks, Mr. & Mrs. D. West & Mrs. P. Joliffe



Chairman Mr. P. Skinner
Vice Chairman Mr. C. Knight
Secretary Miss E. Pratt
Treasurer Mr. D. Pratt
Fixture Secretary Miss E. Pratt
Membership Secretary Miss E. Pratt
Club Welfare Officer Mr. A. Oliver
Club Captain Mr A. Oliver
Vice Captain Mr. J. Oliver
Vice Captain Mr. W. Pratt
Vice Captain Mr. P. Price


Executive Committee Members

 Mrs. K. Pratt, Mr C.L. Morris


Honorary Life Members

Mr. N. Corbin, Mr. R. Willis, Mr C. Knight

A Brief Introduction & History

Porchfield Cricket Club is situated about 3 miles west of Newport on the Isle of Wight in Porchfield.


We enjoy friendly, competitive (non-league) cricket and look forward to welcoming all teams to the Colemans Lane Cricket Ground for a good game and great teas.


We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining us with cricket and club activities, helping us organize events and being part of our community.


Porchfield Cricket Club is a club with a long tradition. For us, it's not all about serious training; we love it when our teams win, but ultimately we are just simply enthusiastic about cricket, and have been for some time.

The oldest scorebook dates back to the 25th July 1893 and the game saw the Married Men take on the Single Men in a 2 innings affair. The Married Men were beaten by the Singles by a resounding 8 wickets. Undeterred the Married Men of today still carry on the tradition of pretending to be the master of their own destiny, wielding the willow for the occassional game much to the amusement (and permission) of their wives, safe in the knowledge that one day the Singles will forgo their batchelorhood for a life of wedded servitude. What goes around comes around. The score card can be seen in the souvenir programme from 1987's grand opening of the new pavillion.


The first ground was on a field located on The Homestead Farm situated in the village on Main Road. Around 1912 the ground moved across the Rodge Brook to Locks Farm off the New Road and when the farmer had harvested the last bit of hay for the winter feed, the season could commence!


The Colemans Lane Ground is the 3rd ground used by the club and has been owned since 1985, two years later the pavillion was built and officially opened on the 27th June 1987. It is located just outside the main village but still within hitting distance of the Rodge Brook. It feels strange to think that for over 100 years cricket balls have been lost in that little flow of ancient water.

Souvenir Programme 1987

The original programme from the the Grand Opening of the Porchfield Cricket Pavilion 27th/28th 1987.
Open to read further historical accounts of the club, ground and cricket in the village.