Chairman's Introduction

My name is Pete Skinner and I have been Chairman of Porchfield Cricket Club since approximately 2010.

My own involvement with the club began in 1974 when still in the sixth form at Carisbrooke and I have many happy memories of playing at our previous ground in New Road. We played on a farmer’s field with an outfield where the grass often approached a foot in depth with a liberal splattering of cow pats often in evidence and we changed in little more than a cow shed. We enjoyed super teas from Wray and Sons and had some great times.


However in the mid 1980’s we decided it was time to move on and thanks to the sterling work of many at the club, notably Mike Cox, Ron Willis and Ray Hayward we purchased (with the aid of various grants) a field off Coleman’s Lane. We proceeded to construct an access road, a pavilion and develop the field itself in to a cricket ground culminating in our Grand Opening weekend in June 1987. Whilst researching this piece I noted that our Chairman at the time (the late John Hayward) commented in our Grand opening brochure that ‘’we were the first cricket club to own their own ground and pavilion on the Isle of Wight’’. Quite an achievement!


Since moving to Coleman’s Lane, the club has gone from strength to strength. Partly owing to more and more Island teams playing league cricket we have sought fixtures further afield (pun intended!) and now the majority of our games are played against touring teams from the mainland. Apart from a brief foray into league cricket in the mid 1990’s we have always exclusively played friendly fixtures however it must be stated these are extremely competitive and I like to think that the phrase ‘’hard but fair’’ sums up these games in which Porchfield are often up against some very strong sides. This is what I feel embodies the essence of Porchfield Cricket Club – a great bunch of people working tirelessly on and off the field for the good of the club. We have a sterling committee of which I am privileged to be the Chairman and since moving to our present ground we have extended the original pavilion to provide an enlarged kitchen and function room, acquired a ranch which we have converted into a licensed bar (recently refurbished), linked the ranch and pavilion with a covered way and built an umpires hut and storage areas. All of this has enhanced our facilities and we have accordingly been invited to host Island representative games in recent years.


One thing which deserves a special mention are our cricket teas. I can honestly say in all my years of playing and umpiring I have never had a better tea than those served up at Porchfield and visiting sides frequently complement us on them.

In closing I would like to sum up the Porchfield way which is to play friendly, recreational cricket, primarily against mainland touring teams in a lovely setting.


Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, since retiring from playing in 2004 and having taken up umpiring, I would like to stress that the most important thing about any cricket match played by Porchfield is that the players adhere to the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ which we have always endeavoured to do throughout our proud history.


In 2018 Porchfield Cricket Club celebrates 125 years since cricket was first played in the village. All I can say is – here’s to the next 125!


August 2018

Mission Statement

As per the constitution, the object of the club is to promote and encourage cricket, in accordance with the laws of cricket as laid down by the M.C.C.


We aim to do this by providing the community the opportunity, environment and facilities to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to become involved in cricket, learn about cricket, enjoy cricket and develop their skills. We also aim to strengthen the bonds between the club and the community it serves. We underpin this by promoting our core values of the club.



As our fundamental core value, we aim to ensure that, regardless of age, ability or background, everyone involved in a game of cricket or a club event at Porchfield C.C. enjoys the experience. The club aims for all participants to enjoy playing cricket as part of a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Enjoyment is the reason we play and support cricket and therefore, we place it before achievement of club and team. We aim to engage with the local community to increase the potential for the club and it's facilities to be enjoyed by as many as possible. 


As the foundation that cricket is built on, we consider sportsmanship to be at the forefront of the way we play the game. We play to win, but not at all costs and promote humbleness in victory and graciousness in defeat. We uphold the cricket traditions of camaraderie within the team and with the opposition, ensuring that the game is played in a pleasant atmosphere and promoting fair play. 


We respect the laws of the game and the traditions that form our love of the sport. We respect the umpires who uphold these laws and traditions and accept their decisions. We respect the opposition players and any spectators and hold regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others. We consider our neighbours in decision making and the potential impacts or implications of these decisions. We value the volunteers that facilitate the existence and development of the club and it's members, who enable us to play the game. 


As a club, we are of the belief that everyone can achieve excellence. Not all excellence must be recognised with a medal or reward, but rather encouragement of personal achievement and satisfaction in an individual's cricket club life. We aspire to ensure that every individual associated with the club realises their potential, from junior players during coaching sessions, new players/participants becoming better cricketers to individuals aquiring new or improved non-cricketing skills and techniques. It is also important to celebrate these achievements as and when they are attained.


  1. The Club shall be called the “Porchfield Cricket Club”, and its recognised colours shall be gold, red and blue.


  1. The object of the Club shall be the promotion and encouragement of cricket, in accordance with the laws of cricket as laid down by the M.C.C.


  1. The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a:-
  1. President
  2. Chairman
  3. General Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Match/Team Secretary
  6. Team Captain
  7. Vice-Captain
  8. A further two general members (five to form a Quorum).

In the event of a member holding more than one position, the number of general members shall be increased until the total Committee shall total nine members. Other than the Team Captain and Vice-Captain, all of the above Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Team Captain and Vice-Captain, together with one representative to join the Selection Committee, are to be elected at a meeting of the playing members, to take place prior to the Annual General Meeting. The names of those appointed shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting

Only fully paid up members for the Financial Year just ended, shall be eligible to vote at a General Meeting, or to accept nomination of Officer or Committee member.

No member can be elected as an Officer or Committee member in his absence, unless they have given prior written indication of their agreement to stand.

  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be called with 14 days notice, not later than the 31st March, for the purpose of adopting the accounts for the previous Financial Year, electing the Officers and Committee members, and general business.


  1. The Financial Year shall end on 31st December.


  1. The Committee shall have the power to elect sub-committee, and depute such duties as they consider beneficial to the management of the Club.


  1. The Committee shall meet at least once in each calendar quarter. At all meetings the Chairman shall if necessary have a second or casting vote.


  1. The General Secretary shall be the executive or agent of the Committee, with full power to act in all matters within the province of the Committee, and whenever they anticipate the consent of the Committee, they shall apply as early as possible for that consent.


  1. Any person wishing to become a member shall be proposed, seconded and elected at a General or Committee meeting, and shall be duly notified of their election by receiving from the General Secretary a copy of the rules of the Club and a current fixture list.


  1. Annual membership shall fall into the following three categories;
  1. Playing Membership
  2. Non-Playing Membership
  3. Social Membership

The annual subscription for each category shall be determined each year at the Annual General Meeting

New members shall also pay, in addition to their initial subscription, a joining fee at a level to be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

All subscriptions are due for payment on 1st April in each year. The Committee shall be entitled to terminate the membership of any member who fails to pay their subscription by 30th June. Such member, if still wishing to remain a member, must re-apply for membership under rule 7, and shall then be liable to pay the new members joining fee.

Newly elected members shall be liable to pay their joining fee and initial subscription within 14 days of notification from the General Secretary of their election. Non-payment within the said 14 day period will result in immediate withdrawal of membership.

Social membership will not carry the power to vote in any club affairs proposed by an individual or the Committee during a General, Committee or Annual General Meeting. Only paid up playing or non-playing members elected to the Committee are eligible to vote.

  1. The Committee shall have the power, by the vote of at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote, to terminate the membership of any member whose behaviour they consider to be contrary to the welfare and good conduct of the Club. Such member shall first be given, if they so desire, the opportunity of appearing in person before the Committee. Such member shall have the right of appeal to the Committee or a Special General Meeting which shall be specially called for the purpose, and they may have the assistance of a Committee member, or a member of the Club, to help them in their appeal if they so wish.


  1. The Committee shall have the power to elect Honorary Members and Vice-Presidents.


  1. The Match/Team Secretary shall arrange matches, and the teams shall be chosen by the Selection Committee, which shall consist of the Team Captain and Vice-Captain, and one player’s representative. Should any selected member be unable to play, the Captain and Match/Team Secretary shall have the power to fill vacancies.


  1. After each match, participating players shall pay a match fee, at a level determined at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. The Committee shall at the requisition in writing of 10 fully paid up members of the Club, each with at least one full calendar year of membership, (or if the total membership of the Club is less than 50, one fifth of the said total), at least two thirds of whom must attend the Meeting, or of their own authority, call a Special General Meeting, of which 14 days notice, stating the date, place, time and object of such meeting shall be given.


  1. Any alteration, addition or variation of these rules shall be made at the Annual General Meeting, or at the General Meeting specially convened for the purpose. Notice in writing of the intended alteration, addition or variation, signed by both a fully paid up proposer and seconder, must be given to the General Secretary at least 21 days before such Meeting, and the General Secretary shall incorporate the same into the notice of the Meeting.   

Future Strategy

To develop young players - for the good of the individual, the sport and the future of the club.

To encourage existing member's participation in the running of the club.

To develop and improve the ground to meet the Southern Electric League Gold Standard criteria.

To continue to attract touring sides to the Isle of Wight.

To develop a structure and pathway towards women and girls participation in cricket at Porchfield.

To continue to develop close links with Island charities and aid in fundraising for local causes.

The Spirit of the Game

Cricket is, in a sense, warfare in minature and a cricket match should be fought out by both sides with all the resources of spirit and technique at their command. At the same time it should always be a recreation, a game to be played, not only according to written laws but in harmony with an unwritten code of chivalry and good temper.


A cricket team should feel that they are playing with, as well as against, their opponents. The home side sould remember that they are the hosts, the vistors that they are the guests, and both should realise that the true greatness of the game lies in combat and comradeship combined.


Every endeavour should be made to establish a good relationship bewteen players and umpires with a mutual respect for one another.


Quite naturally, players expect the highest standard of umpiring but, like all of us, umpires are not infallible and occassionally make mistakes.


Players must accept the umpires decision and show no dissent, as such conduct on the field does immense harm to the spirit and well-being of the game.


It must be appreciated by the players that the umpires are not "enemies" but are there to ensure fair conduct of the game.

Anon - found in 1960 scorebook